Photo By Codey Emerson: Bohannon receives instruction from one of his coaches during the 2019 All-Star classic.
Photo By Codey Emerson: Bohannon receives instruction from one of his coaches during the 2019 All-Star classic.

By: Codey Emerson

INDIANAPOLIS – The second Hamilton County player to play in Indiana Football Coaches Association All-Star game was Westfield’s Franklin Bohannon. Bohannon is a ball-hawking cornerback and led the Rocks this past season with five interceptions.

Along with those five interceptions, Bohannon helped anchor the Rocks secondary and even help them capture a state championship back in 2016 when the team went 12-2. This past two seasons have seen Westfield post a 4-6 record but that hasn’t stopped Bohannon from showcasing his talents which earned him a spot on the South All-Star team.

Bohannon became the 25th player from Westfield to play in the All-Star game. He saw the opportunity to play in the game as a chance that most high school players don’t get during their career.

“It felt really good to play in this game,” Bohannon said. “I just feel really grateful that I had the opportunity to play against some of the best competition in the state and showcase my talents.”

Head coach Jake Gilbert who coached Bohannon at Westfield reflected on the time and contributions that Bohannon brought to the program.

Franklin was a pleasure to coach,” said Gibert. He is tall and long and excellent in press coverage.  He made a ton of huge plays for us as a senior, including five interceptions.  We are going to miss him next year, but I am extremely proud of him.”

Bohannon in the second half made a play that showcases why he was playing in the game. North quarterback Zack Merrill threw a pass and Bohannon immediately ran toward the intended receiver. He was able to get his hands on the ball to tip it up in the air but unfortuantly for him, a North receiver was able to haul in the tipped pass for a completion. Bohannon after the game talked about that play specifically.

“I definitely had the QB there,” Bohannon joked. “The ball just bounced a funny way and they were able to bring it in. That’s just the way it goes sometimes.”

Bohannon will be continuing his football career at Eastern Kentucky University in the fall.

“I’m just going to go in there and bring a great work ethic and work hard and be the best player that I can be while I’m there.” Bohannon said.

Gilbert talked about how playing in this game can prepare Bohannon for the next level.

"Playing in this game gives Franklin an opportunity to be surrounded by and to match up against the top talent in our state,” Gilbert said. “As he heads off to college football, he will be much more prepared after practicing against these guys all week. Longer term, I'm sure he has built friendships and relationships that he'll have forever."