I knew it was going to be a weird night once I walked up to the press box at Tri-Central High School last Friday. For those of you unfamiliar with the mighty Trojans media pen, imagine the complete opposite of Carmel Stadium's press box. It's drafty. It's slightly cramped. It has character, yes, but unfortunately, it has limited seating and field sightlines.

I had neither while covering Larry "Bud" Wright's Sheridan Blackhawks second meeting with Tri-Central as the two programs dueled to decide the Sectional 44 title.

Caught in front of window covered in an unidentifiable, smeared and hazy white paint and surrounded by more than a dozen workers, radio broadcasters and writers, I had to think quickly on my feet - quite literally.

Do I walk the sidelines for a better view and trust the scoreboard operators to keep up as I patrol a field without hash marks? Or do I keep my limited but more reliable bird's eye perspective?

I went with option B.

Trust me, I'm not complaining. After 13 years of football Friday nights under my belt and in much worse situations - for those that remember the old Eastern Hancock press box - I've become a pro at working on my feet. I have no problem darting around to grab a quick glance of the field, the play and, as in this case, agreed upon speculative spots.

The true oddity of the night occurred on the field right after the game.

Wiggling my way through a sea of fans clad in blue, gold and white, I approached the Sheridan huddle expecting a typical postgame interview with the legendary coach Wright.

The best way to describe an interview with coach Wright is ... brief and to the point. This isn't a knock on anyone. He's just not a conversationalist when it comes to the media. And honestly, he's earned that right (no pun intended).

Quite frankly, when you've won a state-leading nine state championships and are the winningest coach in Indiana high school football history, you don't need to say anything.

But again, this wasn't your normal night.

So as I walked over while jotting down a few questions on my notepad, I looked up to see a microphone boom bouncing over the encircled Sheridan coaches and players. I had do a double take once I reached the team and saw some cameramen walking around with HD recorders targeting coach Wright's every move.

Something was going on and I had to find out, but I had a job and a deadline to take care of first.

Waiting patiently for the coaches to address the players, console the seniors and motivate the underclassmen for next season, I was finally able to speak with coach Wright.

After a brief introduction, both of our peripherals felt the camera's eye stealthily creep around and near us. I fired with my first question, and without warning coach Wright opened up like I was the best man at his wedding.

It caught me off guard to be honest, but I didn't pass up the opportunity. I spoke with him for what seemed like a 60-minutes interview, gathering quote after quote.

Some say the camera adds 10 pounds, it adds around five minutes of recorded quotes, too.

As expected the cameras got bored with us, so they left long before my second question, but regardless, it had an effect. I came to find out that they had a profound effect on coach Wright. It gave a man most deserving of praise the ultimate outlet to reflect.

Apparently, the film crew was from New York, and according to some of the stage hands, they worked for NFL Films. Two weeks prior, they were on location at Noblesville High School when coach Wright's son Kevin led his Carmel Greyhounds to a sectional semifinal victory.

In the days after, they met with long-time acquaintances of the Wright family and in particularly of coach Larry "Bud" Wright. They conducted interviews, gathered live game shots and filmed Friday night's game against Tri-Central.

I'm sure I'll end up on the cutting room floor - if I even made it on a single frame - but I am still excited to see the final production. It's not every day you get the opportunity cover a legend on a yearly basis - and I've had several brief, but unforgettable conversations with coach Wright over the years in my short career.

It's not everyday film crews take notice of your own backyard.

According to the Sheridan Schools' twitter feed, the segment is going to air on FOX Sports Plus on Nov. 13 at 5 p.m. Some have said it might re-air around the Super Bowl a well.

I know I'll have my DVR set to record. Who's with me?

Rich Torres is the sports editor of The Times of Noblesville. You can reach him at rich@thetimes24-7.com Follow him on Twitter @RealRichTorres and @TheTimes_Sports