The Noblesville Gymnastics team traveled to Bloomington South on Tuesday night for their second competition of the season. With a ton of new members on the team, the Millers placed third at the meet with a team score of 87.15. 

Head Coach for the Lady Millers, Jody Ramey spoke about how the competition showed positives and negatives for her team. 

“Certainly we lost our competition with both schools, with our team score of 87.15 to Bloomington South's Score of 102.95 and Edgewood's score of 96.35.” she said.  However, this is only our second competition of the season and we jumped nearly 10 points in our team score from last competition.  This is a huge improvement in the sport of gymnastics especially since these competitions were back-to-back without a practice in between.  I was very proud of this team accomplishment alone.”

“However, we did have another injury that took place on the floor competition with one of our leading floor contenders.  Sophomore, Grace Bastin hurt her ankle at the tail end of her floor. This injury happened during our third rotation with one event left to compete.  Despite the injury the team pulled together for the last and final event and still improved in our team total score.” 

Sophomore Hailey Knoll tied for sixth place on vault with a score of 8.5. She also made her presence felt in other events as she was the team’s leading point recipient on Bars and Floor. Knoll tallied a total of 29.6 points which was good enough for a fifth place finish. Ramey talked about how Knoll will be one of the team’s leaders in that event this season. 

“Though she is not new to the team or to the sport of gymnastics, she was injured her whole freshmen season so this is truly her first active year and gymnasts to the team,” Ramey said.  “She had an outstanding 8.5 vault with a 6th place finish.  She is going to be a strong vaulter for our team this season.”

Senior Ella Deno placed sixth overall, right behind Knoll with a score of 28.85. Sophomore Lexi Reister ended the competition by placing seventh with a score of 27.3. 

“Overall, we have had a very rough start behind the scenes with injuries and also bringing very new gymnasts to the team this season,” Ramey said. “The amount of new gymnasts to the team has presented our challenges, but make no mistake the Lady Miller gymnastics team will overcome challenges that face them and continue to pursue bigger and better skill with each given day.”

The Millers next competition is scheduled for this Saturday as they will compete in the Northwestern Invitational at 11 a.m. 

Individual Results for the Millers are as follows:


1.  Cailey Hurst  8.2
2.  Ella Deno = 8.0
3.  Lexi Reister = 8.4
4.  Hailey Knoll =8.5 = 6th place tie

Team Total Score for vault = 25.1


1.  Ella Deno = 5.85
2.  Lexi Reister = 5.3
3.  Hailey Knoll =7.05

Team total score for Bars = 18.2


1.  Grace Bastin = 5.6
2.  Cailey Hurst = 6.55 
3.  Lexi Reister = 6.4
4.  Hailey Knoll =6.5
5.  Ella Deno = 7.3

Team total score for beam =20.35


1.  Hailey Knoll = 7.55
2.  Lexi Reister = 7.2
3.  Grace Bastin =7.35
4.  Ella Deno =7.7
5.  Cailey Hurst = 8.25

Team Total score for floor = 23.5

Total Team Scores

Bloomington South 102.95
Edgewood Team   96.35
Noblesville Team  87.15