As we approach the beginning of another athletic season. St. Vincent sports performance would like to remind coaches and parents about the following:

Conditioning is a component of sports and physical fitness for athletes of all ages. Training may positively influence athletic performance and also help prevent injuries. As competitive levels increase in younger age groups, it is important that parents and coaches are knowledgeable about proper conditioning programs and know when to rest athletes to prevent unnecessary, avoidable injuries. Below are a few tips to keep in mind when getting young athletes ready for an upcoming season

Participate in outdoor activity for at least 30-60 minutes a day: Participating in physical activity for an hour a day helps burn calories, develops lean muscle and helps children unwind, relax and simply have creative play time.

Perfect bodyweight patterns: It is important for young athletes to have awareness of the basics like push, pull, squat and lunge. Bodyweight exercises are functional and translate to better athletic performance by teaching the athlete to be aware of the body as an entire unit. These exercises can also be done anywhere and require minimal equipment.

Establish a good baseline for cardiovascular endurance:

Cardiovascular endurance refers to how well your heart, lungs and other organs transport oxygen throughout your body during a period of time. It’s important to set a baseline so you know how the body reacts to various levels of intensity.

 Incorporate an efficient dynamic warm-up prior to activity: A well-planned warm-up has the potential to not only prepare athletes physically and mentally but also possess the ability to reduce the likelihood of injury and improve performance.

Have fun and bring a friend along: Friends help motivate and help hold athletes accountable for their workouts.