Photo Provided: Noblesville swimmer Gracie Navarro (age 12) swims in the 200 meter freestyle during Friday night's portion of the meet.
Photo Provided: Noblesville swimmer Gracie Navarro (age 12) swims in the 200 meter freestyle during Friday night's portion of the meet.

By:Codey Emerson

 The Noblesville swim club hosted the 2019 Enchanted Forest swim meet at Forest Park Aquatic Center this past weekend. The meet hosted 962 swimmers from 33 different teams. The meet even included a swim team from Toronto, Canada participate.

Meet director Chris Berger talked about the things that are required to put on a meet this size.

“We started setting up for the event around 6:30 Thursday evening,” Berger said. “We didn’t get done setting up until roughly 10:30. We had 27 tents that needed to be put up to make sure the event ran as smooth as possible.”

This year was the 24th year that the event has taken place. The meet usually hosts teams from around the state, but have had some teams from Illinois this year, and Ohio in years past. Forest Park kindly allows the meet to be held there and shuts down the facility for the weekend. The facility consists of ten lanes that are 50 meters in length. Berger spoke about the facility and the staff that hosts the event.

“They have been so generous to us,” Berger said. “To allow us to host 962 at their facility for a three day event is remarkable. The staff and everyone there was is so kind to allow us to host our event here year after year.”

In terms of the Noblesville team, they had some notable swimmer place well at the meet. In the boys eight and under division, Connor Bryce placed third with 193 points while Edward Enoch finished right behind him in fourth place scoring 191. Meanwhile in the 11-12 girls division Exley Tricker placed third overall with a score of 163 and Bridget Keller placed sixth with an overall score of 96. Lucy Enoch rounded out the top ten in the division with a score of 78.

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BOB: Results from the 8 and under division

Individual Rankings 8 & Under Girls - Individual Scores

1 Hayes, Ashlyn 8 Southeastern Swim Club of Fish-IN 228

2 Henegar, Adley 8 Fishers Area Swimming Tigers-IN 179

3 Yonkus, Madelyn 159 8 Westfield Aquatics-IN 159

4 Herring, Ellie 154 8 Southeastern Swim Club of Fish-IN 154

5 Amsden, Allison 150 8 Noblesville Swim Club-IN 150

6 Gaeta, Rebecca 119 8 Fish Aquatics-IN 119

7 Williams, Milena 7 Fort Wayne Swim Team-IN 107.5

8 Korchnak, Kenzie 106 7 Fish Aquatics-IN

9 Gannon, Grace 6 Fishers Area Swimming Tigers-IN 105.50

10 Goettler, Addie 8 Noblesville Swim Club-IN 95


Individual Rankings 8 & Under Boys - Individual Scores

1 Russell, Jaxon 8 Plainfield Community Aquatics-IN 230

2 Stephon, Lucas 8 Franklin Regional Swim Team-IN 219

3 Conner, Bryce 7 Noblesville Swim Club-IN 193

4 Enoch, Edward 7 Noblesville Swim Club-IN 191

5 Green-Whitehead, Sawyer 8 Southeastern Swim Club of Fish-IN 149

6 Biddle, Zach 8 Noblesville Swim Club-IN 146

7 Machavariani, Tony 6 Club Olympia Swim Team-IN 141

8 Kulkarni, Shreyan 7 Club Olympia Swim Team-IN 100

9 Naas, David 8 Noblesville Swim Club-IN 82

10 Creakbaum, Eli 8 Fishers Area Swimming Tigers-IN 81