WESTFIELD — Emily Minett’s home run in the second inning and two-run home run in the fourth helped Noblesville take a 3-0 lead over the Fishers Tigers, and despite a furious comeback, the Millers were victorious 4-3.

After a scoreless first inning, Minett hit her first home run off of the inning’s first pitch. After some excellent fielding kept both teams off the scoreboard any further, the fourth inning featured Taylor Madison’s double. Minett’s home run made the score 3-0 but Fishers would fight back in the bottom of the sixth inning.

The Tigers would get things going with Courtney James getting a base hit and then stealing second. Brooke Benson would bring her home with another base hit before Hannah Mays’s home run that made the score 3-3 heading to the final inning of regulation.

Julia Furiak hit a single and managed to get to third following Olivia Stinson’s bunt. After a change of baserunner, Kyleigh Lowry bunted and Noblesville went up 4-3. Fishers would try, but the Tigers would retire three batters in a row to give Noblesville the sectional semi-final ahead of Thursday’s final.

Noblesville coach Deke Bullard noted Fishers’s improvement after the two teams squared off very early in the season.

“We knew they were a good team,” said Bullard. “We played them in our first game this year and that was 27-28 games ago and they have improved a ton since then. So we knew they were going to be tough, we had seen what they had done throughout their year so we knew it was going to be a challenge.”

Fishers coach Bridget Lanagan-Puckett embraced her team after the narrow defeat and was proud of the effort the Tigers put in even though they were down by three runs.

“That was a great game,” said Lanagan-Puckett. “I’m sure you can pick it apart and find things here and there for both teams but you know you play a game like that it can go either way.”

“I think that the thing we’ve seen out of this team all season is that they’re fighters, the first time we played Noblesville we went down really big and we came back on four runs which is hard when you’re down big and so they’re all really good at doing their jobs and so when they just focus on their jobs they can fight back from anything and they brought it back and we thought we had it.”

Noblesville plays the winner of the Carmel-North Central sectional game for the Sectional Championship on Thursday at 6 p.m. in Westfield.