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Bob Tremain on the microphone at a recent Guerin Catholic High School baseball game.
Photo provided Bob Tremain on the microphone at a recent Guerin Catholic High School baseball game.

Bob Tremain is ‘The Voice’ of Hamilton County sports!

I’ve been a Hamilton County resident since 1989, and I’ve come across some pretty fair event announcers here covering sports.

I got to know Bob Tremain — a former Noblesville High School teacher and Girls Athletic Director who retired in 2010 — in 2005.

And, he’s the best behind a microphone, hands down . . . No doubt, in my opinion!

Most people know him from his days of announcing sports events for the Millers.

You’d always see him in his black baseball cap with the BIG Gold “N’’ and wearing his Millers pullover.

And he still works some events for the Millers.

He started announcing at high school level, where he’s announced The Big Orange Track and Field meet and sectional softball at Hamilton Heights; including the IHSAA State Track and Field Meet, and Indiana All-Star basketball and all-star football games, to name a few. Collegiately, he’ll also be starting his 10th season announcing U-Indy football at his alma-mater.

Announcing is simply in his blood. He loves it and he loves the atmosphere of the many athletic events he’s been involved in and the kids and coaches and fans he’s met down through the years.

“This is what I do, and it’s all I want to do,’’ he said. “So, yes, I guess you could say it’s in my blood.’’

In fact, he’ll announce Noblesville football for the 25th straight year this fall.

“I can’t miss that one . . . just gotta be there,’’ he said. “It’s the anniversary, you know.’’

He’s also done some baseball, basketball, volleyball and track and field, and softball for the Millers Nation, though he’s become more of a free agent in his travels since retiring in 2010.

Tremain knows a lot of people in Hamilton County, and he remains close to many who know him well especially in Noblesville, where he resides. And he still loves the Millers. And he’ll always be associated with the Millers. 

Yep, that’s where he’s known the best. He was at Noblesville, announcing several sports from 1991 through retirement strictly for the Millers.
Now the Beat goes on for Bob Tremain, and you gotta figure there’s more, many more years ahead for the personable, well-spoken, sometimes entertaining man with the microphone.

“After actual retirement, it was Boom Baby, many more good things started happening for me, so I must be doing something right,’’ he said with a chuckle.

And he’s also becoming a big fan of the Golden Eagles at Guerin Catholic.

So when I ran into Bob Tremain at a Guerin Catholic baseball game a couple of weeks ago, I saw something that would have been completely out of character for him maybe 10 years or so ago.

He was wearing a Guerin baseball cap and a Golden Eagles pullover. 

Imagine my surprise, and it was a pleasant one, for sure . . . ‘cause I love to hear Bob’s booming voice and I’ve enjoyed our conversations. It’s been I’m guessing at least 7 years since I had had been at an event he was announcing. I think it was Noblesville softball. Yeah, I remember because he invited me to sit in the press box.

He did the same thing recently during a chilly April baseball game.

Bob, in his first year announcing Guerin baseball, came down out of the press box, and kneeled down behind me while I waited on those cold bleachers for the game that involved by sophomore grandson to get underway. I heard his familiar voice and I didn’t need to turn around to know who it was.

You simply don’t forget ‘The Voice’ . . .  and what a voice it truly is!

He motioned for me to come up to the press box while he announced the lineups.

“I’m not covering the game,” I told him.

“You’ve been in many a press box, and you belong there, not a problem,’’ he said.

“OK, love to chat with you for a while,’’ I said.

And after I told him that I came out of retirement a few weeks ago to become the Sports Columnist for The Noblesville Daily Times, I did feel right at home again in a press box. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve sat in a warm press box in April.

 He explained how he ended up making the short drive from Noblesville HS to Guerin Catholic.

He said he was asked to announce a track meet at Guerin a few years ago by then athletic director Chris Buhler as well as some big wrestling meets. And from there, things simply evolved for him.

“I’m enjoying myself here at Guerin. “Good, friendly people, and a nice atmosphere, and I’m happy to have such an opportunity. Never been to a place I haven’t worked that hasn’t appreciated me and been good to me, though….and I’m especially happy being part of the Golden Eagles.’’

Tremain has announced Guerin varsity boys basketball one year with now-retired coach Pete Smith. 

“I was thrilled to get him over here before I retired last year,’’ said Smith, who coached basketball at Noblesville HS where he and Tremain became good friends. “We worked together many times, including at least 14 times of announcing the IHSAA Football State Championship games, as well as 15 years of the IHSAA Boys & Girls Track & Field State championships. He was great to work with; as professional and prepared as it gets.

Smith added: “To me, he’s been the voice of Hamilton County sports events since the 1990’s.’’ 

Tremain will be going into his second year of basketball under Bobby Allen this coming season. In addition to baseball, he still does track and field and big wrestling meets for Guerin Catholic, and he’s handled PA duties for the IHSAA girls soccer sectional at the past two years for the Golden Eagles.
He’ll also be announcing the Circle City Conference track and field meet at Bishop Chatard on  April 26.

Tremain, a 1973 graduate of Indiana Central, played for Bill Bright, who had the field (now U. of Indy) named after him earlier this month. Bob also coached baseball for 10 years at U-Indy.

One funny memory I have of Bob was when he announced girls volleyball at Noblesville. They did the Chicken Dance, and the crowd really got into it, almost as much as Bob did. It was a hoot and Bob’s antics were especially funny. It was wild, a little crazy, but certainly entertaining.

“Aww, yes, the old chicken dance,’’ Bob said with a big smile. “Those were good times. I think maybe the visiting fans at times might have gotten the most out of it. Won’t be seeing that again….It was time to move on,’’ he added, tongue-’n-cheek.

And, yes, his professionalism — when it comes to announcing sports events, and dealing with people, always includes a firm handshake while looking them in the eye — is the best. 

Many times he’ll stroll out onto the field to chat with players before the action gets under way. And he gives them a little nudge or cheerful pat on the shoulder or back.

“I love the kids, and a firm handshake while looking them in the eye, that’s important to me and it shows I care and appreciate the kids. I learned that from my dad. It’s a trait that dates back to my grandfather,’’ he said proudly. “I try to do the best professional job announcing as I can, and I enjoy seeing the kids and hoping they perform well.’’

Bob Tremain is “The VOICE’’ many of us have come to know and appreciate! Plain and simple. If you have not seen him work an event, you should my all means.

-Mark Morrow, a Hall of Fame Indiana sportswriter, has resided in Hamilton County since 1989. You can follow him in The Times, and on Twitter at mmediamarko12. He can be reached at or by calling 317-460-8018.