Players from 13 Hamilton County golf clubs will participate this weekend in the 11th annual Hamilton County Men's Amateur Golf Championship.

Thirty-five amateurs and 15 seniors are competing for the title of county champion. Two of Hamilton County's finest courses are hosting the event; Saturday at Purgatory Golf Club in Noblesville, Sunday at Prairie View Golf Club in Carmel.

Participants and tee times:

Tee Time First Last Club
10:10 Miles Sutcliffe Unaffiliated
Troy Soukup Unaffiliated
Kevin Sears Purgatory Golf Club
10:20 Duane Lutz The Bridgewater Club
Andy Shilts Woodwind Golf Club
Matthew Von Duhn Purgatory Golf Club
10:30 Nathan Evans Bear Slide Golf Club
Michael Johnson Brookshire Golf Club
Mike Tomlin Stoney Creek Golf Club
10:40 Jimmy Joachim Stoney Creek Golf Club
Dave Richter Woodland CC
Chuck Thomas Purgatory Golf Club
10:50 Tim Brown Stoney Creek Golf Club
Carter Angell Ironwood Golf Club
Todd Thurston Fox Prairie Golf Club
11:00 Jason Hagen Ironwood Golf Club
Jim Huseman Bear Slide Golf Club
Tony Rhode Purgatory Golf Club
11:10 Mike Finnegan Brookshire Golf Club
Travis Walton Prairie View Golf Club
Adam Ross Unaffiliated
11:20 Steve Norris Prairie View Golf Club
Steve Evans Unaffiliated
John Buis The Sagamore Club
11:30 Rick Phillips Pebble Brook Golf Club
Lance Archer Prairie View Golf Club
Bill Paddock Trophy Club
11:40 Randy Meeks Plum Creek Golf Club
Gregory Carney Stoney Creek Golf Club
David Caveness Prairie View Golf Club
11:50 Lou Jenkins Woodland CC
John Hulsey Prairie View Golf Club
Kenneth Kerrick Pebble Brook Golf Club
12:00 Joe Rhodes Ironwood Golf Club
Chuck Maloney Purgatory Golf Club
David DeWitte The Sagamore Club
12:10 Christian Lauri Unaffiliated
Fred Boyer Trophy Club
Joel Nimmons Prairie View Golf Club
12:20 Christian Mauer Prairie View Golf Club
Jeff Hunt Unaffiliated
Stephen Hotchkiss Plum Creek Golf Club
12:30 Tony Fiorillo Pebble Brook Golf Club
Joe Stevens Prairie View Golf Club
Joe Leighty Unaffiliated
12:40 Chris Friedman Stoney Creek Golf Club
Stan Chapman The Fort
Keith Turner Purgatory Golf Club
12:50 David Chambers Ironwood Golf Club
Dan Marsh Unaffiliated